2013 Monkey King Exhibit at Children’s Discovery Center

Children’s Discovery Center Monkey King Exhibit

August 24, 2013

On Saturday, August 24th, twelve conscientious volunteers arrived at the Children’s Discovery Center and unloaded a 40 foot container.  The volunteers collectively contributed nearly 63 hours of labor and created a magnificent Monkey King exhibit for all of Hawaii’s children and visitors to enjoy.

The Monkey King exhibit is based on a classic children’s story from China.  For hundreds of years, Chinese children have grown up with this epic tale of a young, mischievous primate born from stone and possessing supernatural powers.
With the help from our Men’s Leadership of Hawaii volunteers, many of the Discovery Center’s visitors will now have the chance to join the mischievous and brave Monkey King on his magical journey to a far-away land; a journey that finds him creating havoc in the Heavenly Palace, meeting Buddha, and overcoming numerous challenges.
This exhibit will celebrate its grand opening on September 14th and will remain till at least the end of 2013.
Loretta Yajima, CEO & Board Chairman and Liane Usher, President of the Children’s Discovery Center are very appreciative of all the hard work provided by our volunteers.  A BIG MAHALO to all of the people who participated in this very worthwhile project!

Testimonial from Jill Briney: 

This was my first time volunteering at the Children’s Discovery Center with Men’s Leadership Hawaii.  I felt so welcomed by everyone and had a great time rolling up my sleeves and working alongside new and old friends.  The synergy among the volunteers was great as everyone pitched and made a huge contribution to the center.  I’m excited for the next project!


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