2013 Sunshine school sand project

On May 25, Leadership lead a project to refurbish the sandbox at the Sunshine School in Kailua. Scheduled two days, we were able to complete the project and did more than originally planned in one day. Thanks to the volunteers and Sunshine School parents for making a difference.

Mahalo to all the volunteers that came out to help make this a successful project. It was a blessing to see the many MLS brothers, WLS sisters, PLD teammates, school staff and parents show up to give their love. Extra special thanks to the other Project Leader, Kanae, as well as Leah Yamamoto and Natasha Keegan from the Sunshine School staff who made it that much easier to make this project successful. This is my second project here atSunshine School so you know how important I believe this school is. All my children have attended or will be attending this preschool that teaches the students to empower themselves. For those of you that don’t know, this school was founded by PSI graduates and Tom Wilhite was one of the original board members of this school. The entire staff are all PSI Basic graduates with some also being LS graduates. They teach the children daily what is taught at the Basic for Kids and I can see the positive impact it is having with my children. I know that the children, parents and school staff are very grateful for all the hard work we put in during this project. I had an amazing time and enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow brothers and sisters. Again, thank you all that showed up. It is truly appreciated. – Ronnie Baluca

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