“I AM” Video Night








We invited friends and members Men’s Leadership of Hawaii to watch an awesome movie together in a private theater room.

The movie “I AM” is a documentary by Tom Shadyac, known mostly as the director of Ace Ventura, and Bruce Almighty. The documentary follows Tom’s story as it happened after his biking accident. He asks some very important questions about the fundamental human condition and spends the entire movie finding those answers in an entertaining yet educational way.

We were happy to provide free popcorn and refreshments to all attendees. Thanks to Mr. Talbert for providing the amazing theater room and for popping fresh popcorn!

The movie was funny and enlightening, and many new connections were created in the conversations before and after the movie. It was expressed by most people that we should do this again… and more often.

Thanks everyone for making it a successful night!


One of my favorite songs was also on the soundtrack of this film. Listen to Sigur Ros “Untitled 3″

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