Pro Bowl

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the Pro-Bowl Fund raiser a success.

Special thanks to Brian Koge who undauntedly took on the responsibility for the event. It seems like a tall order to  enroll and prep 40 volunteers in order to deal with several thousand people. Brian and the other 39 volunteers pulled it off with out a hitch.

It is always a pleasure to take a moment and reflect on those who are so dedicated to Mens Leadership and their community. Those who show up for events such as this, and make it look so fun, and carry themselves with such grace. I was there at the booths as a customer, and I got to stand back and watch them even when they did not know they are being watched by one of the faces in the throngs of people. I had to admire them and felt a tinge of love and pride and warmth touch my heart strings… “these people give and love so much… what an honor to be a part of them.”

Thanks to all of the volunteers you made a difference in at least one persons life. Thank you


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