Children’s Discovery Center

Each year a new traveling exhibit comes to town for all the children to enjoy and each year Men’s Leadership of Hawaii volunteers roll up there sleeves and unpack and build the exhibits. Then, after many months of enjoyment, they roll those sleeves up again and pack it right back into the shipping containers so that children in another city can enjoy the exhibit.

There were a total of 28 volunteers (and one dog) that came
out to the Children’s Discovery Center (CDC)on Sunday (2012).
Everyone worked very hard and synergistically.  We completed
all of the work in less than 3 hours.

Thank you all for taking time out of your busy Sunday to
help out on this project.  Loretta and Liane are very
grateful for all of our assistance, and as you may have
heard Loretta say: “The Children’s Discovery Center could
not bring this traveling exhibit to Hawaii without the help
of Men’s Leadership Hawaii”.

I appreciate all of your hard work and hope to see you at
future CDC projects.



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