Kalihi Valley

We built a huge roofed structure that is now used to house saplings.  Then we came back and built a water tank so the run-off could be used to water those very same saplings.

Letter written by the Build Lightly Team in 2011

Lucky for the Build Lightly crew, every Thursday and Saturday carpenter-contractor-Men’s Leadership of Hawaii superstar Evan Knight has been on our team!  This weekend, he and 12 other Men’s Leadership Hawaii guys came to volunteer, lend hands, equipment, BBQ, and help with our bunkhouse project.  Evan and Men’s Leadership of Hawaii have completed countless other volunteer projects around Oahu and many at Ho’oulu ‘Aina.  When he heard about our need for a dedicated volunteer contractor, he started up the trusty volunteer van full of tools and showed up to our first Saturday design charrette!

Not only does Evan show up and bring his technical expertise to the project, along with a
van equipped with more tools than a small hardware store and set up to do charity projects; he also brings his years of experience from working with non-profit organizations.   He has been instrumental in his efforts to bring this project as far into completion as we have come thus far!

Evan, Megs and Dee painting jalousies

Evan Knight has been working with us from the very beginning and has been  our most faithful and reliable volunteer.  Evan always has tons of energy to finish any task:  the lights came out a number of times from mixing concrete to troweling the earthen floor – working past sundown to get the job done!  If you ever have the opportunity to work with Evan on a charity project, just know that your project will be something special.

If you would like to check out Evan and his charity projects, you can click here: (www.creatingliberty.com)  where he has listed some of the things he has learned over a decade of organizing and helping with charity projects. Again, a big
“mahalo” to Evan Knight.

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