Evan Knight

President 2012-2013                                                                                                                                    

Hi. My name is Evan Knight and I love being a part of charity projects. I am amazingly grateful to have the liberty to be able to help others. More than anything, I love hanging out with people who are actively helping others. I have been given so much liberty in my life that I would like others to have the opportunity to create liberty for themselves.

Business: I have found in my life that, before you can go out and start living your dreams, it is necessary to have your business in order. Most of the time that means money or credit. I have learned a few things throughout the years that make obtaining and holding money so much easier.

Charity: I was fortunate enough to find out early on in my life what my true passion is. It’s charity… specifically, charity projects. I love organizing a big group of people to do some good. Along the way I have learned a great deal. I have taken the information learned from these projects and applied it to my business, my family and, of course, doing more charity projects.

Philosophy: I wrote a book about all the great things I have learned that have made my business, my social life, my family and the pursuit of my dreams so successful.